Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Honduras - somewhere in the middle

Flower for my girls at home :)
Mostly going to take the day off from everything: diving, writing, whatever.

Log entry for yesterday (day 3) ... Seasick ALL DAY!

I went on the boat (with gravol) and lost it. There were 6ft seas, but I didn't see anyone else fighting with breakfast. I felt pretty wretched and slept a lot until evening. I admit to being a bit embarrassed, but everyone has been really great about it.

Trying for the mainland ;)

So today is sun, sun, sun. Maybe I'll take pity on the hummingbirds who are having all their food stolen every night and take a few photos. There was a playful sunrise this morning. I felt great. Went for a short run and played with some shore life.

Oh, and I've just been adding to the photo album.