Friday, March 04, 2011

Honduras - Last Day at Cocoview, a.k.a. D7

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Falling, the dark, getting lost and drowning. What are things that mankind is terrified of? Correct. Bonus points would have been awarded if you had also mentioned that they were things associated with night diving. Tonight we are going for a night dive. Let me tell you, it takes a bit of nerve. I'm glad we have already dived this area during the daylight or I might be totally petrified.

It was really fun bombing around The Prince Albert (an intentional ship-"wreck") with a pair of high-powered flashlights. At the same time, I had frequent visions of running into a rogue lion-fish and having to be flown to hospital. We all have our demons. For the record, Brad was responsible for making us late for supper. No, really, it WAS him.

Our Dive-master preps us for todays dive
There needs to be a buffer between diving and flying. We leave tomorrow morning, so this morning is our last dive. As a bonus, we are the only ones from our boat going out. It's quite a luxury and we can really take our time poking around looking for stuff without feeling crowded or pressed for time.

Back at Cocoview. It's time to pay our bar tab of $15 for 1 beer for Brad and 5 Cokes. I'm pretty sure that is less than anyone else's, except maybe Tommy the 10-yr-old. Then the hard stuff: the volun-manditory tipping of the resort staff. They 'suggest' amounts on a handy cheat-sheet that was given us the first day we arrived. After we've paid all our fees we are free to collect our passports which have been held for safe keeping. Am I broke now? Let just say, you can look forward to me being online during another long airport night. Currently I can still afford the $2 in-country travel tax and the $37.50 exit tax. I pray they don't alter the deal any further.

To escape my money woes, I preped for our 5:30am departure tomorrow and then went on resort safari and took a bunch of pictures. You will now be subjected to my favourites.
For Vin. Caves of Chaos?