Saturday, February 26, 2011

Honduras-On the way out

Yes, I've been excited for the trip day to arrive. That's not to say that I haven't been doing anything. You already know that I've been battling the winter blues, as usual. One of my weapons has been walking to and from work. Recently, on a super cold, but windless day, I spotted this cloud as I arrived home. The sun was sinking and I just had time to grab Anwyn and my camera and get out to Diefenbaker hill for an unobstructed view of Mordor's poisonous fume (perhaps about to swallow the men of the west). I'm happy with the picture, but it would have been magnificent about 10 minutes earlier. I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for another opportunity at this one.

I think I was pretty much a basket case at home the whole week before departure. Wendy put up with a lot of missed sleep and a very distracted man. One night I missed about 2 hrs of sleep and had the most irritating dreams about being pushed out on stage to sing without knowing the song or choreography. I guess I wasn't feeling ready. I don't do enough travelling that I can be confident in my level of preparedness. Consequently, I spend a lot of time worrying about it. Sometimes I'm as adventurous as the little tyke I saw being pulled in his sledge.
He feels perky and really full of himself, but someone else is pulling the strings, keeping him safe. I hope all those cars don't mow him down. Thanks Brad. Thanks Wendy. I owe both of you a rather large debt.

So I'm in Atlanta, right now. It's 3:30am in Saskatchewan. Against the advice of my councilors, I have denied myself the comforts of a hotel room. Even at the cheapest I could find it would cost me $50 just to sleep in a bed --a monetary insult that I would have to suffer again on the return trip. I opted instead to strap my belongings to my leg, huddle on a chair, hook into the electrical equivalent of an IV bag, drink a cup of coffee and buy a days worth of airport wifi ($2.20 + $6.95). I've finished the Wine-gums I brought with me and the peanuts I had on the second leg of my flight have long been digested. I'm holding out for my planned feast when we arrive at the Cocoview, in Honduras. That should only be 13-15hrs from now. Gurgle.

I'll tell ya, pulling out my camera gear and setting up the gorilla pod in the middle of the busiest airport in the world during the wee hours of the morning and snapping some photos really helps me appreciate the rule of law. And, in case it isn't glaringly obvious, this is what I call fun.