Friday, February 18, 2011

Back in the Deep Freeze

A little while ago I took some pictures of the frost that forms on the French doors overlooking our back yard (and many sunrises). Shortly after I made this beautiful discovery, it got dramatically warmer and all the frost disappeared. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's back. It was -31C this morning (-39 with WC). I indulged in an hour of photography.
It's funny how you can be so focused on something and miss something even better -- even if you're staring right at it. Yeah, it's true metaphorically as well, but this morning it was quite literal. I got some nice frosty pictures as you can see. It wasn't until I started to pack up my equipment that I noticed an extra sun outside. That gave me pause enough to inspect further. To my surprise, there were two extra suns, as it were. I grabbed my camera, slipped on my sneakers and flew out the door and sprinted half a block down the alley. That was the closest I could find an unobstructed view of this spectacular phenomenon. I took a few shots and to my dismay discovered that I couldn't get the whole thing in the frame. I had a lens attached that was only capable of capturing 50mm at the widest. I ran back to the house (my hands were pretty frosty by this point), switched to my 18-55mm, slipped on some gloves and sprinted back down the alley.

The final shots were certainly worth the effort. I assume this partial rainbow was caused by some intense ice fog near to the ground dissipating low enough that the full rainbow couldn't be formed. I'd certainly like another chance to do something interesting with this weather event.

Oops. Forgot to put a link to the photo album. Here you go.