Monday, November 08, 2010

Wonders... created and natural

5 sec exposure and an inactive crowd made for a cool shot
Although I have been a bit down for the last couple of months, it isn't as though there haven't been highlights. A big part of my coping with the bad weather of summer and the stress of putting on a new roof, guests and plumbing turmoil is diving into frivolous asthetic pursuits.

fireworks over the Broadway bridge
In early September there were some really terrific fireworks on the riverbank, just off Broadway Ave. I knew I needed to have a little fun, so I put on my Quester's robe, pulled up the hood and did a little climbing. Of course I took my camera gear. It was quite crowded and I enjoyed my strangely visible anonymity as I scaled the brickwork to my perch. If you've played Assassins Creed, you'll have a vague inkling of how cool I felt. As a side benefit, I got some nice pictures.
Album: Fireworks

Leo's Favs... OAK!
In the following weeks, I enjoyed more sun than we saw all summer. It coincided nicely with the turning of the leaves. Combined with sunrises and sunsets that are at times when I am actually awake, I managed to have quite a bit of crunchy fun with some good quality light. The photo set below was the fortunate result of being on campus while there were scads of overpaid students wandering around with gas powered leaf blowers. I thought with frustration about how they would take the leaves away now and then fertilize and water the grass all next summer. It did, however, make for a cool photo op.
Albums: Autumn colour and Leaves