Monday, September 27, 2010

Debate Camp, 2010

It's official. Everyone in the family (except for me) is now a debater. Teenage battles are coming, and I am beginning to be afraid.

This weekend, we went on our annual trip to Hitchcock's Hideaway (our previous trips here and here). We saw Tim and Sherry and the boys as usual. Below, Ben and Jonah are engaged in a deadly battle at sunset. They are boys after my own heart AND I didn't even need to supply them with swords! Who says the education system is failing our children?

This year marks the first time that the girls participated in all the events as advertised. Previously, Wendy helped run the workshops and we just messed around. This time, I was left to my own devices while everyone else did debate. The results are typical...

So far, I don't appear to have hurt myself, though I was precariously near a sand cliff doing dive-rolls in the twilight.

I've been really enjoying playing around with over-exposing some of my photos. If the look bothers you, you may wish to forgo looking at the rest of the pictures I took. However, I think I've come up with the picture for my next rock album. Ian, you can play drums.

Now I just need to learn an instrument.

Failing that, I may star in a new vampire movie...

The girls and their friends from school also managed to escape their academic confines for a brief foray into the blustery waves and an ill fated session on the teeter-totter.

Here is the full photo set.