Friday, July 16, 2010

Waterloo, part 1

We had a mostly fun drive from Ottawa to Waterloo -- we did have to go through Toronto, after all. It was pretty uneventful, but we did stop to have a picnic lunch at a small resort village where we feed some gulls. The place we stopped was quaint and quiet. There was an entire beach made entirely of the best skipping rocks ever. Wendy was sick or I think I would have stayed until my arm was spaghetti.

Don On The Job
The other reason to move on was the facilities. The place we ate was equipped only with a port-a-potty. Let me tell you, I don't think "Don" was on the job -- despite the assurance. I think I might have been nervous if he was there anyway.

We arrived without incident and commenced with the visiting. Anwyn was in the second day of being sick, but recovered with all speed when there was an infant to hold.
Max Gutoski (2 1/2 mos)

I was amazed at how great the girls were with their new cousin, Max. Gus and Greta's first son will soon be 3 month's old and is typically adorable. He was constantly doted upon by parents, grandparents, relatives, and general passers by. Leora and Anwyn seemed never to tire of holding him or (to my surprise) changing him. Wendy had an endless stream of babble and smiles for him and I told some rousing renditions of The Three Little Cousins (pigs).

While their yard is in somewhat of an -- ahem -- natural state, they live close to the edge of Waterloo and there were plenty of beautiful paths to walk us and their dog, Shake-y-bond-speare.

One day we were sitting around, making fools of ourselves to entertain the baby, when Greta casually mentioned Stratford. I hadn't realized that we were only an hour away from the Mecca of theatre in Canada. We quickly pumped some breast milk (that was hard work) and foisted Max into his father's hands. In a trice we were out the door.

Gus has an aunt who works at the costume warehouse for the festival and with her help we secured ourselves some fine seats for this year's production of Kiss Me Kate which, you may recall, I performed in a few years back. It was a fabulous experience. The girls were in musical heaven and I fulfilled a desire I've had since about grade 11. In case you are wondering, no, I was not allowed to take pictures in the theatre, but the camera was "yes" during our tour of the costume warehouse.