Friday, July 07, 2006

A chance to breathe

The sweetness of summer is upon the land. I have finished my role in the musical and somehow everything feels like it has changed while I was busy. Maybe Gandalf will suddenly come back today?

Things were looking pretty grim as the end of rehearsals approached. Everyone in the production could feel it. Things were not working the way we wanted, time was dreadfully short and tension was the highest I have witnessed in a show. I was trying to stay up-beat, but even my optimistic nature was hard pressed to keep on the orange-coloured glasses.
However, tension and I are done for a time and so I will simply tell you that the show was great. We could have used a week in the theatre to get ready instead of the two days we had. Consequently we were still getting up to speed on the first few nights of performance. After that it was terrific. Each show built on the last, getting better and better. I kept thinking that we had peaked, but I was wrong. Right to the end we continued to put out more energy and get the audience ever more involved.

Anyhow, it is now over. The better part of a week has made me feel much better and I am ready to take on the summer. As a matter of fact, we were able to take in the last day of the Jazz Festival. Anwyn put on a show for us with Lisa, while her sister Leanne sings on stage with Straight from the Fridge.

Anyone who wants a more detailed look at my photos from the show, can go here. Since I took most of these pictures, there is a shortage of me in them. Some might say that is a blessing.