Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marshmallows and Vampires

Leo and Anwyn have been spoiling for a good back-yard fire. Between travel and bad weather, there have been precious few opportunities. Since there was only a little rain today I thought I'd take my chances as they lay.

We invited Matt and Molly over for a couple of hours and stuffed ourselves with puffy (sometimes recently flaming) confections. Everyone seems to have their own way of enjoying marshmallows, but there is a certain... inevitability that Anwyn has managed to capture perfectly.

Sometime after our discussion of the dangers of "chubby bunny", Wendy noticed that there was a certain discrepancy between Leora and Matt that shouldn't go undocumented.

Vampires vs Werewolves
Before dropping my niece and nephew off at home, I decided to share my love of sunsets with them at one of my favorite viewing spots. The kids played Matt's latest made up pen & pencil game while I indulged myself in three of my obsessions; photography, sunsets and children -- at the same time!

Pioneering Spirit

As usual, the rest of the photos can be had for your leisurely dilection by clicking below.