Saturday, September 29, 2007

What is the Job dejour?

If you like driving at all, driving a bus is just as fun as you think it might be. It feels powerful and just a wee bit scary. I have a lot of buttons to push and dials to observe. Aside from a minor incident involving a poorly placed street light (IMHO), things are going great. I love driving all the little kids and have immense fun chatting with them about their days and what interests little people (which is nearly everything that adults don't have time for). It really seems ideally suited to my time needs right now. It will take a little adjusting for Wen and I to be making less money. It is substantially more than I was making paging for the library, but still about $(insert undisclosed sum) short of what I would have pulled in with the daycare (although it is hard to measure accurately because of income tax, daycare expenses, etc...). Whatever the case, when I have recovered from my wisdom teeth being removed and the cold that I am trying to shake, I shall see what I can make of the extra time in my day.

My Bus
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