Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall-ing for insects

It has been getting cold here in Saskatoon. Anybody else notice that? Got our first frost last night, and I increasingly am finding inside projects on which to work and I find that I don't want to bother watering the plants anymore because... well... they're gonna be on my compost pile in a few weeks anyway!

There was a very nice warm day recently, though. It had me outside and excited. The bugs thought it was great too. This spider has been hanging out under our deck for a month and I finally caught him out sunning.

Across the yard, one of his brethren was out for a walk... where he had an unfortunate run-in with local law enforcement. Let me just say that he resisted arrest and was dealt with harshly.

However, the large clematis out back was the real hub of activity for the hungry -- perhaps second only to the great compost pile, itself. You can click the image below to see a few more pictures and my witty captions...