Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Saturday looking good

The weather for the next few days looks crazy hot, but Saturday still looks reasonable. You should consider only light activity for the next few days. You will want to feel as fresh and strong as you can. Get such sleep as you can given your twisted and painful lives.

On the evening before, you will want to pack a bag. Make it a smallish backpack. Here is what I will have on me and in mine...

I will wear comfortable, snug, broken-in shoes with two pairs of socks. Put Vaseline on your feet before you don said socks. Just get some on your fingers and smear it around. It is a trick I learned when prepping for my marathon. It will help prevent blisters which are likely to be your greatest enemy!

I will begin the day in light long pants, long-sleeve shirt over wife-beater followed by a windbreaker, shedding layers and putting on shorts as it gets hot. A wide brimmed hat and sunglasses would be wise.

In my pack will be a camera (you are welcome to all my photos, but may be expected to shoot a few for me), energy/granola bars (I'll bring a dozen for myself), two litres of water and/or Powerade (in refillable containers. You can freeze them 1/2 full and then fill the rest of the way for extra cool goodness), gum, a pack of Kleenex, chapstick, a local map, a small book and pen, bug repellent and sun screen (we can share), my cell phone, and a few multi-tool/pocket knife type items.

We will have at least one great picnic lunch and some cold drinks brought to us during the day and if you bring some extra socks or a fresh shirt, she can drop those off mid-way. If you think that is cheating, you can just sit by yourself and nibble some pemmican. I find the morale boost is really nice. If you friends/significant others want to be involved, they can contact Wendy to team up, or just call on someone's cell to find us.

I won't bring music, but feel free.

Right now the plan is still to meet at my house at 4-4:10am and depart by 4:30am. Call or post if you have questions.