Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why do you do it?

Blogging, that is. Or for that matter, posting in a forum, or commenting on someone's comment. Why are you uttering (spoken or otherwise) your thoughts?

Kyro did up this post last night. I was really impressed. The detailed and personal descriptions of how the game made him feel, the annotations on the pictures, provided the necessary details to allow you to see a real solid chunk of what makes him a person. Knowing him, I felt like I shared a bit of his evening with him... the part without his "johnson," that is ;)

I vastly prefer this sort of commentary to the usual, "Hey, check out this great link(boobies) I found doodz!!!" No offense intended to boobies, but what are you trying to say with that? I'm sorry to offend any of you great people that post such drivel. BUT, it is the chud in the sewer from which I am trying to escape. It is the "hydro" in my hydrogenated margarine. Do you get the picture?

Now, don't get me wrong (ha!). I make posts like that sometimes. Well, not quite like that, but things that others, no doubt, consider meaningless filler. Sometimes I have a third piece of pie at supper too. I'm weak. What you need to ask yourself is, "who am I trying to share this with?" and "what am I saying to those who are listening?" If you aren't trying to make a connection with someone, then why are you talking*? And, if you are trying to connect, then share something about yourself.

Maybe (and sadly) finding the boobies link was the highlight of your day -- the thing, of all things, that you chose to share with the world (or the eleven people who constitute our microcosm). Fine. Even something about what type of coffee you were drinking when you found this great link would be an improvement. Let me know you are a human and not a link-posting robot.

This is not a dismissal of sharing links between interested parties, or sharing your personal sense of style or humor. A link is not enough for me . Bones admits his limits, "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer." I have limitations too... "I'm a human, not a link aggregator."

*so, I'm gonna use words like "talking," to stand in for "typing," "communicating," etc.., which although they may be more appropriate for internet discourse, sound too formal for the tone which I am trying to strike**.

**yeah, I'll just use footnotes instead. That ought to do the trick!

P.S. I'm drinking Starbucks' Blend purchased from a big box store and then I'm going to run 10K to get ready for the city walk on the 7th. I hope everyone who is still my friend will be joining me at 4:15am on that morning.