Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Quest New Year was a rousing success for me. I can't speak for everyone else, though it seems as though a good time was had by all.

I managed to get to our meeting spot in record time (which for me was 6:45pm). That gave me time to wait for a good table, do some last minute reading and set up the pool from which participants collected this years Quest branded gift of slate coffee coasters hand carved with the Q symbol. I had a really tough time hanging on to them until new years as I made them well before Christmas. As I had planned, they were snagged by the Questers as they arrived (after 8pm) at the table. Me, Dave, Geof, James, and Vin.

There were some good books picked for this year. As I recollect however, there was almost no discussion about last years picks. Without Vin's early prescence, there was just no one to jumpstart the HoL discussion.

Other than that, there was plenty of fun discussion of goals for the year (mostly mine) although James, Dave and Geof all seemed keen to come on my next attempt to walk around Saskatoon. It should be about 54km if we swim/canoe part of the river and 62 if we sweat the extra distance. My other goals include, entering a 24hr playwriting competition, running a new marathon (target 4h 30min), and producing my own mm DVD on the Quest and related enjoyments.

Later, James and I made an ill considered and under-dressed dash accross a snowy field that nearly left us unable to breath thanks to the icy, skin peeling wind.

At about 2am, people were getting bleary eyed and some stupid things seemed a little too funny. I tried to get the guys to come to campus with me and work on my video project. Instead I was greeted, as expected, with polite requests for a ride home. Well, at least I tried. After dropping off Geof and Dave, I somehow found the will to pass my own fireplace warmed bed and park outside the Arts building. All but abandoned, it was the perfect opportunity to get some of the footage I have been dying for. I won't post any of it here, but I have a couple of pics. The first one shows me playing the classic coin toss for beverage game. If you look just above one of the pot lights in the hall, you can see my toonie in mid-flight.

After a grueling climb at 3am to the top of Arts, I was treated to this wonderful picture. Worth the climb indeed!
Finally, I thought I would share with you that I got some footage of me climbing Thorvaldson at the famous ascent location. It was bitter cold and after coming down, I bee-lined for the warmth of Arts. I was ready to find my car and go home. Who should drive up in their shiny green and white car, but the campus cops. Seems they noticed me trolling about with my tripod and camera and were curious. I told them vaguely what I was doing, ommitting all the interesting bits and they seemed satisfied with my story. They let me proceed on my way. Though not a classic "telling" in the sense we are used to, at 4am on Quest New Year in the biting wind, I'll take what I can get.