Thursday, March 09, 2006

Let it snow...

What is a hard working father to do after the 28mm of precipitation (The sum of the total rainfall and the water equivalent of the total snowfall observed during the day) that we experienced in the first few days of March. In my case you use the excuse of your daughter's birthday to call in the troops.Wendy and I worked for about an hour to clear our driveway and a path out to the back, then when the guys and the kids came over, I spent another hour or so working on our luge/skeleton run and some fortifications in case we have to pelt passing high-school kids with snowballs. My body complained insistently about this effort for several days afterwards.

Here you can see what fun we had with the snow that we weren't able to shovel onto the fort. I've kept these snowshoes around for a lot of years with little use to show for it. Now it all seems worth it.