Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Puerto Rico

Kyro gets honors for arriving at my house first last night. Irish arrived second, followed by Rainswept and finally Handwing. Since he brought the game, we'll say we saved the best for last.

Peurto Rico was our weapon of choice. This one, not this one. (what a crappy website. I think someone should offer their services...) Apparently, as we have noticed before, it is also available for online play. Rainy and I tied in our efforts to bludgeon the rest of the fervent settlers.

I think I made no less than 6 Bodums of Dark Sumatra-- a house record I'm sure. My regrets go out to Kyro's missus (does she have a handle?), who was forgotten when we broke after midnight and did not receive her strawberry pie.
If you hurry by this morning, you could snag one of the six remaining pieces...