Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Beginnings

What a great event at my place last night. QTs have essentially been off-line during my tenure as Pirate King, but last night was a great way to reboot the tradition.

In attendance: Mik, Brad, Geof, James and (much later) Vin

You can't go wrong starting out with some fresh brew followed by a surprise game of 4-player TROG.

<-------- We saw this quite a few times, I believe :)

What a blast that was. Geof observed that Enter Sandman should have been playing in the background. It was a great taste of 1991.

Moving upstairs we tried out Jim's board-game Blokus (which you can play free online). It is a terrific little game. Easy to learn, fast to play, and simple to throw insults during play -- OK, that's any game!