Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Apple Watch: It's About F-ing Time

I'm writing this to you from the future and reliving the past

This was my first tech love. Well... if you don't count Meccano, or the Colecovision...

I don't remember the exact year. I was 11 or 12 and this was one of my Christmas presents. A digital watch with AM radio and headphone jack. The reception wasn't perfect, but if I held my arm just right while I was delivering the PA Daily Herald to my customers on 4th St E, I could listen to Billy Jean by MJ and Maneater by Hall and Oates.

It was heaven. Sadly, it was chewed into submission by our family dog after, what I remember as, all too short a season :(

There have been many gadgets between then and now.

My first MP3 player was in 1998, the year Leo was born. It allowed me to travel with music of not much better sound quality than my beloved radio watch--only now I could choose the songs and the order. By '98, I was far more mature in my musical stylings. I listened to Surprise You're Dead and Zombie Eaters by Faith No More.

1999 saw the Palm Pilot 3x and a folding keyboard--what?!? The future seemed so close. There were a few little steps. The Sony CLIÉ, my first cellphone...

Then I waited a long, long time.

No, you can't get that time back ;)
Sure, In Y2K, I lost another favourite watch. I loved it because it could run 3 timers (that you could name with 6 letters), a stopwatch and tell the time in two time zones... all at the same time! I still miss that watch. I'm not sure why it stopped working?

It was nice enough, but those were heady times. I expected so much.

Shape Lock adventures -- Take 6
I've had a couple of watches since then. A fat stop watch that I used to loan to Leora for long bus rides. It didn't survive it's second battery replacement. Then there was a digital Casio that I found in a field. It worked for a couple of years. before the screen when inexplicably dim. None of them captured the magic of the greats.

Those of you who know me are aware of the strange preferences that I have exhibited over the years with my various cell phones. I've tried every configuration I could think of and nothing really worked just right. I've probably crafted 6 or 8 different holsters, holders and magnetic attachments to try and get my phone into just the right place.

I've had my Apple Watch Sport for 15 days. I'm listening to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and Ramble On by Led Zeppelin. I no longer care about the maturity level of my listening. How I missed having a watch.

By now, you have figured out that this isn't a review. I didn't buy it for any logical reason. And I can't trust anything that I might tell you about it. It does some things really well and some are a bit frustrating. Make no mistake, though. It's magic. If you want to know more about it, give me a call. When I'm answering on my watch... if I hold my arm just right, you might be able to hear me talking from the future:

"It's about F-ing Time!"