Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pursuant Monday's xkcd...

I have determined (where "I" stands for "Google" that written occurrences of "The Quest" are in dramatic decline -- starting about 1998. Being the year that Leora was born, I suppose I have to shoulder some of the burden, but I think we need to rally to the cause.
Occurrences as a percentage of all English words/phrases vs time
I have a couple of other things to share with you today, as I avoid my house cleaning ;)
The first is this awesome scan from the Prince Albert Daily Herald
I'm 13 years old in this photo. Same as Leora is right now. And no, she isn't allowed near any skateboarders!
I was a proud (where "proud" =  "disinterested") deliverer of said newspaper for a couple of years in the mid 80s. It was during that time that I owned one of my prize possessions of all time -- The Radio Watch. I'm certain I would still have it today if it hadn't been chewed by our poodle-terrier.

The Second thing is that demolition has begun in the field behind our house for the evil condo project that I have mentioned before. As much as I hate it, the construction guys did their best to make sure that I couldn't resist the awesome sunrise taking place just behind their grim work.

Farewell Paddling Pool... We hardly knew you :(
Fans of heavy equipment can find the rest of these pictures here.

Last of all, I will mention that I adjusted the column widths on the blog to allow me to devote a bit more room to the photos. The downside is all the formatting on previous posts is going to look stupid. Sigh. If you experience any display issues, please let me know.