Monday, January 09, 2012

37.68 billion km! Happy 40th to me!

When the girls were quite young, though not so young that they don't still remember, I told them that my big plan was to break the human record for longevity. I thought I should give a progress report... I've got ways to go yet. If I'm even to break the Canadian record, I've got a good 70 billion km to go. Marry Poppins said, "Well begun is half done." I guess I'll have to settle for the imortal words of the late, great, Karen Carpenter... "We've only just begun..."
Quester's Voyage -- Anwyn D
Those of you who followed my Honduras travels last March will know why it is that you can't see the little quester's mouth in the above photo. Poor guy. I hope he remembers to take his gravol next time :(

Thanks to all of my well wishers today (both human and automated). I am indeed having a happy birthday. You may be surprised to discover that I wish to share some photos with you today.

As they were leaving for school today, the girls alerted me to the great moon that was making trouble just across the street. I captured some photo evidence of her carousing in case I wish to press charges.
Quick Start to the Day

A little later, I found the sun being well behaved. I thought I should take pictures for contrast.

My Day is On Track -- Ouch!
Crop Science
Innovation Place
Once the 'golden hour' had expired, I had a brief chat with James and Matt. Matt was pretty sure I'd like this YouTube video. He was right. If you haven't seen any of the Epic Rap Battles, you should at least see...

 After that little bit of enlightenment, I made my way home to roast some coffee and play with my photos.
Mug Shot -- 2 for 1
Here are the rest of the photos. FYI, 13 of the 19 photos in the Picasa gallery were taken with a new-to-me Pentax M 28mm f2.8 lens (circa '77-'82) courtesy a looonng-term loan from Brad Stover. The remainder were with my slightly newer Pentax 50-135mm f2.8 (c. 2008)