Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Drive-Through or Drive-Moo?

Drive-throughs are perennial whipping boys for my ire (along with escalators). Today I walked Leora to school and decided to stop at Tim Horton's for a coffee. Being "time delighted" (as opposed to time obsessed), I ran some tests. I Spotted 13 droids in total. 3 on till, 5 on coffee/sandwiches, 1 on tables/cleaning, 2 in kitchen, 1 passing out advertising for a new product, 1 manager. The manager told me that Friday and Saturday are busier and the staff may be as many as 15!

Time trials: indoor line-up vs drive-through with the time penalty for driving displayed at the right.

The most bearded James... Ever!*
3:30-6:04   -2:34
3:52-8:44   -4:52
0:50-6:32   -5:42
2:55-7:10   -4:15
4:55-8:31   -3:36
6:10-5:50* +0:20
7:12-6:51* +0:21
2:00-6:51   -4:51
1:30-6:15   -4:45
0:38-5:31   -4:53
1:01-7:44   -6:45


Trials run 8:45-10am Wednesday, Nov. 2nd

Location: Cumberland and 8th. They have just widened the drive-through to 2 lanes (wish I had timed before and after the construction).

There were several 5 min. Stretches where you could walk in and get immediate service (between 9:30 and 10am).

There were never less than 8 cars in the drive-through.

In a bitter turn of events, my 2nd coffee was one of the 2 timed events in which a car beat a person :( My coffee droid apologized profusely for getting my order wrong and serving the people after me in line 1st! I told her she could pay me back by taking a deep breath and trying to relax. I've never seen anyone scramble so fast to get a new pot of coffee on. Well maybe a Quester on his 70th hour of a final exam study blitz :)

*For the record, James was not there. It's an old photo. I wanted to have some picture at Tim's and I neglected to take any this morning. Nor did I have that chocolate doughnut a mere 2 days after Halloween. What do you take me for?