Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer "Restfulness"

We'll play a little catch-up, here... There is a serious lot of activity here. Take what you will.

Things have been pretty busy around my house. Since we've been back from Ottawa and Kitchener, Leora and Anwyn have completed another level each in swimming. They love the pool so much they would have lessons in the morning and then we would take in the "loonie swim" after 6pm. Since the whole family could swim for $2 it seemed like an easy way to kill some time. The below album is from an occasion where we went to George Ward outdoor pool with Erin and her boys Michael and Chandler.


The girls and I managed to sneak away for the day to the Pollard family reunion right at the end of July. It was fun and they wanted to stay longer. As usual, we stopped to enjoy my favourite time of day.

Pollard Reunion

Jodi and Brad were in town following our excursion. Jodi and I played Rock Band and ate Pizza until 2am. James came over for an hour and rocked out with us. We spent the next day out at Pike Lake where Brad and I showed off our super suits. Really, they just keep us from getting cold way too fast, but they are quite fun to wear.

As usual, Brad and I managed to find some time to play a dozen rounds of Chez Geek, drink insane amounts of coffee and make an incredibly hot fire. This time we did a redux of our Aluminum melting (660C or 1220F). We made a sand form and did some of our own designs. No Questers were harmed during the casting of the liquid metal.

Jodi and Brad were gone for less than 24 hours when we picked up Teela, Merlin and Viola from the air port. Wen and I have always prided ourselves on making a restful environment for guests, so we were mortified when, after a couple days of visiting, we had to evict them due to a heinous smell in the guest room. It was not so much Viola's diapers as it was the sewer seepage that backed up into their room. We shipped them off to stay with Liz while the contractors and insurance agents were here, tearing up our floor and walls. I may say more of that one day. For now you'll have to settle for pictures of Teela and her kids. Oh, and Jodi's sister, Dana dropped by to visit with her kids, too. 

Nope, not busy. Not at all.

That will do, for now. Tomorrow I go to the Ex with the girls and the day after I'm going to Canmore to See Dave and do a little mountaineering. I really have worked, too. A couple of days. Honest!