Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sneaking in some sunshine

I don't want to complain, really. But Saskatchewan's record breaking precipitation in May shows no sign of giving up in June. April showers May flowers ring a bell? I was already bitching about it on May 10th, if you remember? Now I'm just throwing up my hands in disgust. I've suggested to Wendy that we give up on traditional Saskatchewan crops and start growing rice. She isn't sold on the idea. If you like, Wen's blog has information about what is blooming and growing in this sludginess.

Anyway, I haven't been idle. Why just today I was up on the roof cleaning out my gutters. I would have waited for a dry moment, but the water pouring over the eaves was a kind of siren call. Actually, it was fun up there, in a way. Normally, I need to take up a hose to help with the cleaning, but today nature was happy to supply plenty of lubricant.

There have been a couple of spectacular sunny days mixed in with the mess. When I see the sun I don't ask questions, I grab my camera bag and run lest the moment fade. On Sunday, we had Eric and Anthony over for a trip to Kinsmen Playground. They had a great time and gave me an excuse to take some pictures. The album is here.

Just before that, on Saturday, I went to mom and dad's house and played some PS3 games. James was playing some pool with Jake and Dad and I talked photography for a while. It gave me some cool ideas.
Magnetic pool might be a cool game
House of Leaves?