Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tricks with Hands and Feet

Several weeks ago, I posted on Facebook (via Twitter which now ends up at the bottom of this blog) that I have managed to beat the first of the records I am pursuing vis this year's Quest goals. I've been actively seeking the push-up goal, working on the plan posted at hundredpushups (which I have a few issues with). I came to the conclusion that I was not going to dedicate the time (right now) to making the hundred push-up goal. So, after eight weeks, I bailed out during "week 4" of the program. Anyway, I managed to eke out fifty consecutive push-ups.

I am very excited by the success and am now looking forward to trying to get my right elbow back in shape from the injury I suffered a couple of months back.

I am only posting this now for historical purposes. I actually typed this post weeks ago, but forgot to publish it. Sorry that you have to suffer. Old data. Pay it no mind.