Monday, February 02, 2009

Minor (and not so) repairs

You likely recall that I got Rock Band last January (I considered it a birthday gift from the Universe). I intended to post about my first repair, but perhaps I forgot. I won't bore you with the details other than to say that an integral component in the guitar stopped working. As it turns out, there was a broken spring involved. After 12 or so screws that stood in my way, the repair itself was fairly simple. I feel great when I repair these things because it saves both me and the companies involved money (Well, technically the warranty wasn't expired -- the first time, but who cares, it was fun)
  • I don't have to be without the controller for 4 weeks
  • No one has to pick up the tab for thousands of miles of shipping
  • I (hopefully) learn a bit about the electronics involved
So, I refashioned  the existing spring -- simply stretching it out a bit further and making a new loop so it could reattach to where it had fallen from. The repair lasted about 4 months only to surface again. Small surprise really, since it was the same crappy spring only a centimeter shorter. The second time, I found a perfect substitute: a spring from a clicky pen.

In January, (now a year since purchase) the drums suffered a critical failure. One of the pads ceased to accept any input. The drums were much more difficult to get into. The culprit was a broken wire. With quite a bit of luck and some soldering skill, I managed to extend the origianl wires and put Humpty together again. There were any number of hidden screws in this process and in the end, I'm pretty lucky that I didn't break anything that I could not fix.