Monday, January 28, 2008

Big Bad (and fun) Corporations

Most of you are now painfully aware that my fine wife gave me the perfect gift for Christmas. For those of you not in the know, that gift was a Playstation 3. Peace on Earth was actually my #1 pick, but she said Vin and James already went in together on it. I wonder when it will show up?

In the mean time, my birthday rolled around and lo-and-behold, what should show up in Saskatoon on the very day? You guessed it -- Rock Band for the PS3. It is now quite clear, I suspect, why there have been no updates to my blog for the last month.
  • MotorStorm - there was a brief time when this was my only 'action' game. In the first couple of weeks, I have managed to get about 75% of the way through the solo game.
  • Eye of Judgment - It's a card game that the PS3 moderates for you, or competes against you via the camera. It is just as geeky as it sounds. I've put about $25 into booster packs of cards, and not played since Jodi and Brad left shortly after the New Year. Kyro, sounds like you and I might need to go at it...
  • Trials of Topaq - my first downloaded game. It cost $6.99, so naturally it has a ways to go before it could be considered a fully formed game, but at the price it was a huge bargain. A great proof of concept for a game with no buttons or joystick.
  • Rock Band - Wen and I are in a band together, Leora and Anwyn have a band that Wen and I join periodically, and I naturally have a solo career to think about.
  • Burnout Paradise - What a visionary game! Nice integration with the camera, brilliant, open-ended 'Sunday' driving, freakishly easy multi-player online play. I've got nothing bad to say about this game except that my neck hurts! Don't think the law makes provisions for virtual whip-lash yet. Got my Class 'A' license yesterday.
  • Installed a powerPC version of Ubuntu Linux on it the second day I had the machine. Works well except for the wifi. This more than anything makes me crave a hi-def television. The internet wasn't meant to be viewed on 480i.
  • I'm serving media to the PS3 over the network. It was really easy to set up using TVersity. I can watch/listen to virtually everything on my hard-drive downstairs via the PS3.
As if this level of distraction wasn't enough, I'm heading into volleyball playoffs this weekend and I'm slated to be the master of ceremonies for this year's Broadway Bash (read, I will not be singing). Most of you will not be aware that the 'Bash' is a couple of hours of famous (and not so) musical number performed by many of the most talented actors and singers in the city. We've got about 22 numbers this year and the show is looking really good. It's about $20 to see it at The Refinery Friday, Saturday (7:30pm) and Sunday (2pm).