Friday, February 23, 2007

It was a pleasure to burn...

In an attempt to allay my previously mentioned blues, we had a little get-together at our place to burn our Christmas tree. It has been sitting out in the back-yard since I turfed it out the french doors just before New-Years. It had been a nice enough day out, but was beginning to cool quickly with the sun down several hours.

Leora and Anwyn had a fantastic time (which translated into adult lingo is something like "really loud and irritating") as they tossed hand fulls of loose snow crystals onto the myriad sparks which erupted from the (no longer) evergreen boughs. It was a smokey, aromatic and uplifting event.
And what can I say? It was very orange.

The previous weekend, we went with Wendy to Regina for a technology meeting, of which she was part. While there, we naturally visited the Saskatchewan Science Center. The bubbles are always the most enduringly popular item (for me and them). Once again, I am greatful for my digital camera. I took about 50 shots in the bubble zone to get two or three that I was happy with.