Thursday, February 15, 2007

February, my cruelest month

T.S. Eliot said it was April,( but I have to disagree. February sucks. I think that means a lot coming from me. I'm generally a pretty positive guy. I can't stand the lack of sunshine and warmth. It's only saving grace is that it eventually gives way to March. Questing has always had a strong tone of renewal for me. Really that just means "Woo-hoo, winter is outta here. Let's climb some shit!"

Even though I am nowhere near finishing my grandiose project from last year, I am really pumped about this questing season. As always, I am looking forward to a little surprise event if things proceed according to my design.

Feb has received a little boost this year in it's otherwise dreary fortunes. I got word, a couple of days ago, that on May 28th I shall be attending the opening date for the reunion tour of The Police. I had heard about the tour and was unsurprised that it appeared to be passing Saskatchewan by. I wistfully allowed my initial joy to be replace with resignation when I was presented with a ticket and accommodations/airfare funding, courtesy Ms. Orange. As you should all know, I am filled with far too much excitement and anticipation to really be placed here in words. I won't try, but I wanted you to know about it.