Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A few of my favorite things

And some not so...

I was in Moose Jaw for some Professional Development this weekend. Yes, really. Temple Gardens was all booked up, but I had to stay somewhere. The view might have been better...

Right, while we are on the topic of great views I wanted to share a few things.

First, my favorite flower. Not sure if you could have guessed this one or not.

The second thing requires a word of thanks to Chantelle. She and Vin provided ready to make postcards for Leora and Anwyn. Anwyn sent me this one. I won't tell you what great things she said about me on the other side. Even a Quester has to have a bit of privacy. I hope that you can guess the depicted scene without any help. If you can't, you just aren't trying hard enough, or you really don't know me.

Last, and probably least of these fine photos is this. My favorite pinball game. It has certainly consumed hundreds of my Earth dollars as I tried to assume mastery over its glossy and mesmerizing frame.