Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fair Use and other crazy notions...

QT was full of both surprise and stimulating conversation. The recent TV scheduling shift thanks to the SK nemesis D.S.T. has done Tuesday evenings a favour. Vin can come out and play a bit earlier.*

After picking up a mint used copy of Eggers' AHWoSG at Westgate for $12.50, Vin and I met James at Joe Bean on 8th. They have a wonderous beverage there known as the red-eye. A double shot of espresso calmed to a mere state of nervous fury by about 10 oz of medium or dark roast coffee.*

Conversation centered on Jim's dilemma as a band teacher. To copy or not to copy. Or rather, how to not copy and still manage to be a teacher, or alternately, how to copy and have it be legal. I doubt any of us has put in the thought on this idea that is one of the hallmarks of Lawrence Lessig. One of his books, Free Culture is available for free download. Anyway, it's there, so I suggest you read it.

A more general link that James might be intersted in.

*and there was great rejoicing .