Saturday, March 11, 2017

1001 Albums Project

My winter walks provide plenty of time for music listening...
If you recall, I started my 1001 Albums project last year, in March. It is inspired by a reading of 1001 Albums you Must Read Before You Die. At the time, I was only 30 albums along. I can recall thinking that I might finish within a year (if I went all out). That didn't work out. I was on track, but I completely stalled out once summer was over. I have not done an exact count, but the lists below (which I finished in early September) comprise about 470 albums totaling approximately 350 hours of music.

Find it. Listen to it.
As you may imagine, it has been an intense and wonderful experience. Having something to share with my teenagers is enough all by itself, and it has been so much more than that. I sent Leora playlist #10 this week. Even though we text a few times a week and talk most weekends, it has been hard having her away at Mt. Allison. You may recall some of my emotional state. The 1001 albums project helps to maintain a thread of connection. While wrapping up listening to #9, she commented that she is experiencing disbelief that American Pie is the only song played on the radio from the 1971 album of the same name. I can't really say I disagree. Sifting through the best music of multiple generations makes me wonder just what it is we are looking for. Clearly one of those "journey before destination" kind of things.

Anwyn isn't listening through the entire list, but has really indulged in the list of personal favourites that I have been generating as I go through the book. We really share a love of killer guitar solos and hard rock lyrics. I think we both had trouble comprehending how Machine Head by
Deep Purple possibly contains the entirety of every great guitar riff... EVER ;) In addition, I don't think there is anything finer than screaming with Bowie, "F-I-I-I-I-VE YEARS..." or, trying to sing along with Plant as he screeches out the line from Black Dog, "move me like your doin' now." Sixteen... seventeen... eighteen... these were years I expected to struggle to connect to my kids. This project has helped to keep our awesome communication going and then some.

I have been working on a personal Reconciliation project (via edX) for the last 7 weeks. It wraps up on Tuesday and I hope to get back into this project at that time. Feel free to share your favourite albums of all time in the comments (as many as you care to input). I would love to give them a listen in between my other albums. Djaii has been throwing out some real gems on Facebook, from time to time.

If you have no interest in my process or joining in, you should stop HERE!
Near Chamberlain, SK -- Another unrelated photo as eye-candy...

Notes on The Playlists...

  • Discogs has several variations of the list. It was a very useful site for helping me hunt down tracks when the original album was not available, but some of the material could be found on collections.
  • Since I have a family subscription to Apple Music, these are all Apple playlists. If you have Apple Music on your computer or phone, the links will open the playlist there. If not, bon chance.
  • There are any number of things that are missing and/or inaccurate about my playlists. For instance, at the time I created the first half of my lists, Neil Young's music was not in Apple music--it is now, but I haven't updated the lists. If you want the full and unadulterated experience, you should definitely buy the book or check out a copy from the library.
The lists:
  1. 1001-albums-01-1955-1961
  2. 1001-albums-02-1962-1966
  3. 1001-albums-03-1966-1967
  4. 1001-albums-04-1967-1968
  5. 1001-albums-05-1968-1969
  6. 1001-albums-06-1969
  7. 1001-albums-07-1969
  8. 1001-albums-08-1969-70
  9. 1001-albums-09-1970-71
  10. 1001-albums-10-1971-72
  11. 1001-albums-11-1972
  12. 1001-albums-12-1972-1973
  13. 1001-albums-13-1973-1974-mostly
  14. 1001-albums-14-1974-1975
  15. 1001-albums-15-1975-1976
  16. 1001-albums-16-1976-1977
  17. 1001-albums-17-1977-1978
  18. 1001-albums-18-1978
  19. 1001-albums-19-1978-1979
  20. 1001-albums-20-1979
  21. 1001-albums-21-1980
  22. 1001-albums-22-1980-1981

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