Monday, May 09, 2016


Love to all the mother who may read this. First in my thoughts (and this post).
Now back to our irregularly scheduled minutiae.
70s-80s era bellows and macro lens
Yesterday I was sitting in the yard and drinking my coffee. The cherry trees were blooming and a gentle breeze wafted through my little piece of urban paradise and left a suspicious yellow haze on my coffee cup. I went inside to fetch my camera and assemble my macro gear. When I cam back, there was a new flavour addition to my coffee.
Closer inspection revealed a welcome guest. There will be one less cherry this year, but several more photographs, thanks to this sacrifice.
I wonder if I could pay $$ to have pollen added to my coffee at Starbucks?
I don't suffer from allergies, but I see you around me with red eyes, sneezing and generally hating on spring with it's moulds and pollen in the air. Anwyn has Asthma. Between the forest fire smoke burning her throat and the pollen overwhelming her poor bronchi, she has been a bit of a mess--if a wonderfully cheerful mess.
Not Guilty!
Photo evidence reveals that the cherry tree is not responsible for this onslaught of pollen. You can see that the anthers of this blossom have not matured enough to release pollen... yet. I'm sure one of you snifflers can tell me which of the trees in Saskatoon is the most likely culprit of this week's yellow dust cloud.

Below is the best look I was able to get at the pollen grains which carpeted Wendy's flower beds (and my coffee)

I probably should have set up a tripod and used a remote shutter to better stabilize these photos, but the wind made true stillness impossible anyway. Not bad, for handheld.

As usual, there are a few more pollen related photos here. No... really. There only 16. I think that is a record low.