Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not the Perseids

I hauled myself out of a warm bed at 1:30am. The Perseid Meteor Shower reached it's peak sometime early this morning...
Not the Perseids
I saw quite a few nice meteors, but I had no luck capturing one with my camera. A wider angle lens would have helped as I was only able to photograph a tiny slice of the sky at any one moment. Consequently, I only saved one of my dozens of photos. I spent most of my time staring at Capella (part of Auriga and the brightest dot-left 1/3) and the Pleiades (or the 7 sisters-right 4/5). Perseus (where the Perseids appear to radiate from) is basically the center of the top of this photograph.

The above photo illustrates the main two contributing factors that made capturing a meteor difficult on this, my first solid attempt. Perseus is in the north-east part of the sky. It was only really dark for a few hours. At this time of year the sun doesn't get too far below the horizon. Made for a really long sunrise, though. Also, it was overcast during much of the prime darkness.

Something about lemons and lemonade... blah, blah... so...
Had a great time, but WOW! Was I ever tired this morning?

Yes, I was.

I tried a few different angles and camera settings during the sunrise. Not sure which ones to keep.