Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blogger Comments

Made a change to the blog today that will affect those of you who comment. I've enabled G+ commenting, which (as you may have guessed) means that Google+ now handles the comments. It has several benefits:
  • you will automatically get notifications when your comments are commented on -- no pesky check boxes or "subscribe" options.
  • If you share a post via G+ your share will appear on the blog (probably won't affect anyone here)
  • you control who can or can't see your comments--including me--(assuming that concerns you). If you are familiar with G+ Circles you will be aware that you can easily specify who can see your comments. It's interesting that an entire conversation could happen on a post that the blog author wouldn't see. So make sure you post "public" or at least to a circle that I'm in :)
  • you can edit or delete your comments
  • like most Google data, it can be downloaded via Google Takeout. Good info for this on Data Liberation.
There is some quick analysis on +Alex Chitu's Google Operating System blog.

Downside (you knew there was one):

  • you have to enable/opt-in G+. Not to read the blog, but to comment on it. This should help +david aschim's commenting woes (I hope), but will likely mean that I don't hear from Vin anymore (sniff). Perhaps with +Robert Diakuw and +Gale Diakuw signed up, he will relent. I'm not holding my breath.
My goal here is to try and facilitate a bit more multi-direction conversation. Guess I'll see how that works.
Taken in 2007, I offer this roof-top picture as a sort of social bribe. Shameless...