Thursday, December 20, 2012

Departmental Christmas

Our family hosted a staff Christmas party for our friends in the Children's Department. It was a near thing, but Wendy managed to keep the house in one piece despite all the dancing and wild abandon.

As you might predict there was a serious literary discussion while we dined. Anwyn was grilled by the staff over her opinions on such greats as The Hobbit, A Face Like Glass, and The Hunger Games. I think her comments were well supported by the texts and the library staff were in agreement that Anwyn may wish to start her career in literary review with all speed. She decided instead to show Henry (hereafter known as Hank) the purpose of her extensive Nerf weapon collection.
Lori provided the dessert hit of the evening with her fantastic carrot cake -- although, it appears that Jenny is more fond of eating mice. I guess it takes all kinds -- a fact that could be attested to by the insane people that hired all of us to work in the same place.

We were so glad that Jenny and Patrick decided to ignore the health of new baby Erik in order to visit with us and open presents. Thanks to those who sent gifts for her even though you couldn't come yourself. But, I do blame you for the fact that Jenny subsequently managed to be in every single picture. On the other hand, I was taking the pictures, so I probably shouldn't complain.

Though Jim was barely able to get off to the couch after making the acquaintance of our emotionally needy cat, Pippin, he did manage to look at my drawing workbook. Strangely, he didn't say much after that. Shock? I think I may need to put in more practice time :)

I hear Thom came back from his sabbatical early just to have the opportunity to try my pizza. He, along with Jane and Joanne managed to add a modicum of class to the whole affair. You can probably thank this trifecta of taste that the evening didn't degenerate into lampshades on heads.

Thanks to everyone who came. Donna, Adele, Joel, Max, Nancy and Sandy, you were missed.