Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trip to the Near South (6-7)

News flash. It's hot in Indiana. And apparently, we've been lucky and missed the worst of the heat (so far).
Too Darn Hot!
Still we've managed to do some recreational climbing...
Frisbee Rescue
Merlin in Camouflage Mode
And go for a night ride on horseback.
Anwyn and Spitfire
Actually, the night ride was a little unnerving. We were undercover of trees and the moon rose late, so by 1/2hr into our 90 minute ride, it was dark enough that only the sharpest eyes in our group were able to see anything. It's a good thing the horses knew the route well -- even so, we had a few scraped legs and poked eyeballs. The horses also seemed to "know" one another pretty well (if you know what I mean) and my stallion gave me more than a few frightening moments when in season mares got a little friendly. As it was only my second time on a horse, I found agressive neighing and rearing to be a little above my skill level. But, what doesn't kill you makes for a great story :)

The following day, we went swimming and a few of us went climbing at a great indoor wall that Peff frequents (no pictures).

I managed to take some really nice portraits of Teela and her kids (Peff still eludes me). I thought I'd leave those pics in the gallery, for the truly interested :)