Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Perfect 1950's Wife

I spent the entire day preparing a dinner for some of Wendy's work friends. It was also cleaning day and one of the invitees has cat allergies (needed to do an extra good job of vacuuming the furniture). The first thing I did was get a really good playlist going in iTunes.

I prepped some materials for my dessert. I decided on a Greek style, which is to say it has no crust and is only a little sweet. I made a honey glaze and topped it with heart-shaped strawberries marinaded in lemon and sugar and a few mint leaves that are growing on our windowsill.

Above is the salad that I made. It is an awesome recipe that Jodi introduced us to this winter. Celery, walnuts, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. It's hearty, crunchy and zesty.

Veggie lasagne was the main course. It's a modified version of a recipe from the Looneyspoons cook book (mine has a bunch of great mushrooms and fresh tomato). Apparently, it is out of print now, but still available on Amazon.
In case you've never made a lasagne before, below is a cutaway of the layering process

The last thing I put in the oven were two loaves of focaccia bread.
I will report that I did not wear an apron during this ordeal, nor did I wear high heels and I forgot to fetch Wendy's slippers when she arrived home. I guess I have a ways to go on the road to 1950's ideal ;)