Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our Modest Christmas Eve Snack

It has been an unusual holiday season for our family. We have just finished having Jodi and Brad stay with us for a few days, but beyond that we had no house guests over Christmas. Normally, we expect at least two weeks of company. When added to the mild weather and absence of snow, it almost doesn't feel like we had Christmas at all.

That said, I had a great holiday. I've been continuing to study flow (as discussed last post) and how it integrates with the Quest. As a result, I anticipate this being the most successful winter of my adult life. Whoa... talk about raising expectations. I know that February is coming, but I think (foolishly or not) that I will avoid my usual slump. Something feels different.

Tender, buttery Brioche
Anyhow, we had a terrific time planning out all of the goodies that we would bake this year. The girls have trouble keeping to just 5 kinds of cookies and I chafe at the thought of only making 4 types of fudge. We all enjoy it so much that time isn't the limiting factor, only our ability to give away enough that we won't be forced to eat it all ourselves. Leora decided not to make her very popular Orange-Anise buns this year. Instead she made a batch of mini brioche, much to the delight of all who ate it.

On Christmas day, I was so proud of Anwyn as she played her small, but melodious repertoire of music for those in attendance at James' house. For the record, it was the second year that they have hosted and the meal was fantastic. Well done!

Ad-hoc NERF shooting gallery
I always look forward to boxing day at my parents. The number of people who show up for leftover perogie and cabbage rolls is staggering. There is always a game of Canasta raging, nerf guns warring, and a dozen simultaneous conversations.

Possibly the most exciting thing that happen is that Wendy received an early Christmas present in the form of getting her braces off -- quite a bit sooner than expected. This marks the first and only good news we have ever gotten regarding her dental work :)

Traditions that were missed/skipped this year:
- house full of company
- tobogganing on Diefenbaker hill
- Christmas Eve at Liz's
- Overlong Christmas morning unwrapping frenzy
- New Years Eve with Brad and Jodi
Warrior Princess!

Traditions we upheld:
- Decorating our tree and singing carols
- Girls decorate at Jan's house
- Christmas-Eve lights tour
- Christmas at James and Jaime's (2nd year)
- Boxing Day with Gale, Bob and the Pollard clan (35 in attendance)

Here is the full Christmas set. Yes, it's a lot of close-ups. Brad Stover has promised to send me an older wide angle lens for my Pentax. Maybe that will tempt me away from using a 200mm indoors... maybe ;)