Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revenge of Shape Lock

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Wendy tells me it has been a month since my last post. What can I say? I've been busy. I've been posting images online, but just mentioning them in Google+. I find it a much faster way to get things out than feel the pressure of creating a post about whatever it is. Okay, that's a bad excuse. I've been trying to do more writing lately... hmmm.

Since my trip to Canmore with Dave, I've been doing some work for Summer Players, helping to get their current show ready. It's called A Grand Night for Singing (and it finished in town, though you could catch it this weekend in Rosthern). It's fun and full of singing. 'Nuff said.

I also...

Dirty and Hazy
Shot pictures in the fog...
Shot some absolutely crazy pictures of wasps, spiders -- plus other odds and ends...
The list goes on. The point being, I have not been idle. Were you concerned?

But today, I want to show you my latest creations. In addition to making some new locks for our cat door (you may remember shape lock?), I fixed my travel mug. I lost the handle on my mountain trip and the sharp metal prongs have been tormenting me since. No more. I crafted a new handle out of shape lock and it is a thing of beauty. I probably have to forgo the dishwasher from now on lest my new handle melt.

I needn't tell you that I love shape lock for my DIY pleasures, but I've come to hate the grey discolouration that happens with age. I tried paint and dye. Neither were satisfying as a long-term solution. 

This was awesome. I ground tumeric and paprika to a super fine powder and added it to my old phone belt clip which had become discoloured. I don't know how it will wear, but it looks fantastic right now.

That's right. I said OLD belt clip. One of the joints fatigued and I lost confidence in it's integrity. So I thought it was time for something new.
Here is the new clip. To get a perfect fit, I massaged the warm plastic until it was nearly the right thickness and then closed the clip onto it. It is flexible and very strong. History indicates that it will need replacing with time. When the time comes, I'll just heat it up and remake it (or try something completely new). 

The colour is from the orange powder I showed you above mixed with some of the waste toner from my colour laser printer. In my mind, at least, I think it looks like Jade :)
"Action" Shot
And here it is with just the plastic case and the strap lock mechanism ($2). I attached it with the super two-faced tape I like. It works brilliantly as a landscape phone stand (in both rotations).

A few more photos of this project can be found in this album