Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honduras Ahoy!

Yeah. I'm going to Honduras. So? So what. Sure I said on Nov 27th that I'd let you know soon. I'm sure I told quite a few people in person, but yeah... I left a few of you hanging a bit. No apologies. You could have asked.

Specifically, Brad and I are going to Roatan(wikipedia), the largest of the Bay Islands. I'll be leaving on Feb 25th and returning a couple of weeks later.

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Honduras, a more global perspective
We will be staying at the Cocoview Resort. There are a number of things that I know I will be doing there. I will probably go horseback riding (which I've never done). I will go snorkeling and open water scuba diving (so far I've only been in a swimming pool) and I hope to make a visit to the mainland to quest through the Maya ruins of Copan.

There are a number of things that I will NOT be doing. This list is, I hope, not exhaustive:

  • get murdered
  • get HIV
  • suffer DCS(decompression sickness)
  • become infected with malaria, or typhoid
  • be mugged for my fine camera equipment (this one is a 'maybe')

No, it's not among the worlds 10 safest vacation spots (Canada is, depending on who you ask). I'm not asking permission. Just stop wincing like that :)