Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Spring Car Show

Dad's 7D
Dad loves his cars. I enjoy the spectacle, the in-your-face paint jobs, big car nostalgia, whatever. He invited everyone out to the Draggins spring car show at Prairieland Park. I think everybody had a good time. The adults tried not to drool on all the chrome. I took pictures and tried not to drool on Dad's new camera, and the children collected plenty of suckers, pre-Easter chocolates, pamphlets, hand sanitizer, yo-yos--the kind of junk kids seem to love collecting.

Handwing gets roughed up by The Boss
Oh, and James had a little altercation while trying to make off with one of the cars...

At the bottom of this post is a link to the rest of the pictures. Most of them are not cars--they're family near cars ;) I swear there would have been more/any shots of Matt if he didn't constantly throw his hand up AND scowl anytime a camera was pointed his way. Quick reflexes. Though, he did submit to one shot.

Satisfied customers

If you actually want to see cool vehicles, you'll have count on my Dad's photos (which generally stay on his computer, hint, hint).
car show