Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've been very excited about my new camera. Leading up to QNY, I spent quite a few hours on and about campus testing it out. Here is what I learned:
  • Only attempt to do one thing at a time while airborne.
In the above picture I had just jumped off of the window sill and was...
  1. doing a spread eagle
  2. trying to look manly in the spread eagle position (just as tough as it sounds)
  3. toggling the remote shutter switch for the camera
  4. attempting to land gracefully on the stairs
I'll let you be the judge of my success on #'s 1-3. I seem to have failed miserably at #4. No, I did not fall down the stairs. I simply realized that the landing was a bit more jarring than I would have liked. At no time in this process did I feel "hurt".

Upon waking the next morning, however, I discovered that I might as well have fallen down the stairs. I pulled a muscle in my back and popped a rib-head behind my shoulder. One of these may have caused the other--I don't know. It hurts. Oh, and the rib being out of location caused nerve damage bringing about a loss of strength in my left arm. I was able to participate in a March 17th gathering in preparation for the full QNY festivities, but I was in agony the entire time. As evidence I submit that I was bested in 5 of 6 games of fooz-ball.

So, I went from being able to do 40-50 push-ups to doing 3-4. I'm told this will heal.

I spent 10 days, off and on, at the chiropractor. It was my first time and I enjoyed the sensations and loud popping noises.

My arm was still quite weak and often felt numb if I stood or sat stationary for long periods. Sleeping was difficult. I got my doctor to prescribe some awesome anti-inflammatories and my healing process was well underway.

Trying to get my activity level back to normal, I decided to join James and a few new friends to do a little hacky sack and play some schploing--I'll explain that another time. Long story short, my legs were knocked out from under me during a splendid jump and I landed on my left elbow (no strength to break the fall) and cracked one of my front ribs.

Now I'm coming down with a cold :(

Here are a few other pictures of how I've been coping in March.