Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Smarter than a Cat?

I was so proud of my kitty cat last week. As you may know Pippin has her own door. We open it around 9:30 PM and she comes back in throughout the night. When Leora feeds her in the morning she closes and locks the door. We hope in this way to keep her safe during the highest traffic times. 

Leora got in trouble repeatedly last week when the warm weather was upon us. She couldn't seem to remember to lock Pip's door. I was quite frustrated when on two days in a row I had to chase a wiley cat through the snow before I could leave for groceries or work.

So, I was ashamed and proud at the same time when I discovered Pippin outside not ten minutes after one such chase and locking the door on the third day. She had learned to toggle the lock on her cat door. It took me only 30 minutes of stalking her to see her sucessfully do it again.

That afternoon, I apologized to my daughter and used a large strip of duct tape to seal the door. It was ripped off within an hour.

The next day I bent a paper-clip and made a pressure fit lock enhancer. It was two days before it went "missing" I found it hidden under some furniture next time I swept.

Fortunately, it got cold again this week and Pip has given up intrest in daytime excursions. Hopefully, I'll have until spring to figure out what to do.