Thursday, July 02, 2009

Everyone is home

There has been a constant flurry of activity around the house, now that school is over. My usual slow paced serentity has been replaced by a frenzy. It's mostly good, but always takes some adjusting. Wendy comes home in full battle-school mode. Leora and Anwyn come home forgetting that the whole world doesn't celebrate summer holidays like elementary school children.

Parents, see below...

Anwyn - "I thought summer was for totally relaxing and doing what you want."

Father - "Right. But between you and your sister being home, that's eleven extra hours of home and yard messing that happen every day."

Leora and Anwyn - "Daaaaad!"

Father - "I'm only giving you an extra hour of chores per day. compared to your share of five and a half hours of messing, that's a pretty sweet deal."

We have now all signed up for a summer chore schedule which takes a lot off of my plate. This is good, because I am taking a lot more library shifts now that my school bus is parked for the summer. Speaking of which, it is very nice to have our driveway back.

My quest-training schedule is getting back up to speed. I haven't been doing many stairs lately, but I have been keeping up with my running and my right arm is almost not a total nuiscance. Wen and I have been trying the very agressive push-up regieme at hundredpushups. I made it to phase 4, but was forced to retreat. I think we will both be on phase 3 a few times.

June 20th, I biked out to Osler bearing Father's Day stewed rhubarb for my dad. It was 40km following the river, while in town, and on gravel roads, once out of the city. Took me two hours with a lovely tailwind. I got a ride home. It will be quite a challenge if the girls want to accomplish this. So far, they like the idea, but haven't been motivated to train.

BTW,  Doctor, if you are in a location with internet access... I am still interested in coming out to see you this summer for an aggressive climb if you schedule permits.

Last night the girls and I went to the fireworks at Diefenbaker park. It was quite beautiful, but the atmosphere was a bit smokey and assy(urban dictionary) for my taste. Last year we tried to drive, but were deterred by the traffic jam. This year we biked and were rewarded for our efforts. We scooted past many frustrated drivers, both on the way there and on the way back.