Thursday, May 21, 2009


My grandiose exercise plans were brought to a screaming halt by a weird injury that I suffered in both elbows. I´m not exactly sure what precipitated the painful swelling. Could be over training... Could be an imminent battle with arthritis. I don´t really know, but it has been discouraging.

After a month of nagging twinges and stabbing pain, I decided that my third round of Strep Throat was long overdue. I initially blamed my nephew, but further observation has indicated that it is ¨going around.¨ So far I have made sure that Wendy got her share. I am expectantly watching the girls.

Naturally, in my pre-injured state, I was ambitious and the weather good. This overzealousness has lead to far too much time spent covering various plants in my yard to prevent freezing during this recent clinic of good old Saskatchewan weather.

I have some pictures that I have been wanting to share and lots of good posting ideas, but my main computer -- the one I do all my major typing and graphic goodness on -- decided to kick it. Fortunately it was only three months minus 2 days old. Warranty and several weeks at Future Shop should have things back to normal this week (hope, hope).

I think that covers the whiney parts of this post.

Since I haven´t been able to push ahead on my major Quest goal and I haven´t been able to hold myself to the Lord of the Rings readings that Vin has been cheer-leading, I have really been going through a kitchen renaissance of sorts. I´ve had experience making my own butter (and lots of it), I´ve started making my own soy milk and have just completed my first batch of homemade yogurt.

Anyhow, I´m almost healthy again. I´ve started to lightly excercise again, but it will probably be at least another week before I can push myself to high performance levels.

For posterity, I shall mention that Greta, Teela and Merlin are visiting for about ten days. I´ve been a crappy host so far, but I look forward to the last half of their visit. Those following my facebook or twitter know that Teela´s husband, Peff was turned back at the border over a small disagreement about policies governing air travel between our two countries. We miss you Peff.

Thanks for reading these last couple ´texty´ posts. Hopefully, I can get some pictures going soon.