Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Fall is usually a questy time for me. Looking back however, I haven't been able to catalogue anything I've accomplished as being particularly quest-worthy. It is typically the winter that leads me to become dispondant (quite looking forward to that). Not that I am particularyly dispondant of late, more... uncommunicative. Communication follows.

Anwyn has wanted to play basketball for 2 years now, but she is finally old enough (at 8) to participate in the 'Spuds' league through the neighborhood community associations. The UofS student, who was to act as our coach, didn't show up for the first practice so I got to help out. I think I shocked the kids (not to mention the parents) when I was seen repeatedly climbing up onto the back of the basketball nets in order to adjust them to the right height for our kids. Nobody else was even aware that the nets could be lowered to 8 feet much less capable of climbing up to do it. So, when our student coach was elected to the USSU and decided to bail on our team we needed a new coach. I was voted most-likely-not-to-say-no. Coach Mike at your service.

Like I said, not taking any pics lately. So you'll just have to imagine how awesome she is. No dunking yet.