Monday, April 07, 2008


Cookies and Cream was our cat (for those who don' t know). She was 3 months old when we rescued her from the SPCA last year. I was opposed to 'owning' a pet, but a compromise was struck whereby we could have a new family member -- so long as she was as free as we could possibly allow. This lead to her having her own door which she happily used at all hours of the day. It also meant that when she brought in mice and birds to show us, we would make no serious effort to deter her (much as Wendy tolerates my coffee drinking, my vegetarianism and general odd behavior).

Without getting sappy, suffice it to say that CC was great pleasure to live with.

She is dead. . She was about 15 months old on April 1st when she was hit by a car crossing Clarence Ave.

Despite my resistance to eating meat, extreme respect for life, and a general feeling that animals ought not be treated as slaves, I have never previously mourned for the death of anyone (animal or human). It was with great surprise that I discovered just how devastated I was by this one animal's death.

I carved out a niche in the frozen ground near our compost pile where she was often found reaping a bountiful harvest of mice or chasing leaves and insects.
Cookies and Cream 07-08