Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yawn! Things have been busy lately. That seems all to usual around here, but I really have an excuse this time. I've started working my hours as a 'casual' in the public library system and am still driving my bus route before and after school. The library hours are all call-in-as-needed, and the bus provides charters during non-school hours. The result is the ability to be as busy as I really want right now while still being able to take care of house and home.

Many of you knew that I was 'paging' at the Cliff Wright branch library during the summer. Casual is something else entirely. I try to sum it up thusly; Casuals get paid more to work less. At least, that's how it seems right now. Paging was a lot of lifting, bending, carrying, etc... Casual work is much more with the standing, talking and typing. I'm not complaining, and as you can guess, the amount of learning required is higher, but all the same, I feel somewhat smug in my new position. Besides, it is just plain fun. As a page I was discouraged from interacting with patrons unless approached and even then I was to defer to other staff whenever possible. Now talking to people is a major part of my job description.

Anyway the above is just by way of keeping you up to date with the business tycoon part of my life. What I really wanted to talk about was this Sunday's breakfast. Specifically, breakfast in bed!

Those of you who are acquainted with my Jr. Questers (tm) know that breakfast in bed is not a new thing. It has already happened a handful of times and each time it gets just a little more palatable. On this occasion, the were trying to impress Wendy. As such, they made the pancakes in her favorite colour, green. It wasn't really her preferred shade, but we won't quibble.

You might have trouble guessing some of this, so I'll fill in the details. They were topped with Whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips, mandarin orange segments and, of course, syrup. To be fair, all but the syrup was to be served as a dessert 'parfait', but we thought this would be easier on the taste buds.

The most exciting thing about breakfast was their claim to have cleaned the kitchen "except for a couple of things in the sink."