Sunday, August 05, 2007

Suprise Dinner

What I am doing here is letting someone do all the work and then passing on the finished product to you. One of my favorite kinds of jobs.

A couple of weeks ago, Anna and Ian offered to look after Leora and Anwyn for the day. Anna picked up the girls at 9am and told us we could come and get them after 6pm and we could have supper with them. It sounded like a good deal. Wen and I had a lovely day of doing not much and hanging out together. It may have been that day that we officially declared the bathroom renovation 'almost mostly done.' When we went to their house for supper, we were under prepared for the splendor of it all.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the food. Anna does that nicely. And who can blame her. The food was fantastic.

While focusing on the food, she neglects a couple of highlights: Each of these tastes from around the globe was prefaced by a flag the kids had coloured as an introduction to the country of origin. While we were eating said dish, one or both of the girls would come in and sing a song or play a piano piece (often matching the area the food was from). Near the end, Anna came in and played a lovely rendition of Moonlight Sonata.

The overall impact was that we felt very lucky and spoiled. It is nice to have a fuss made over you and even better when it is accomplished with such skill.

When dessert was served, our hosts came into the dining area and shared the treats with us. I felt a little awkward as I said my thanks. So much effort was involved, I felt unworthy of the gift. I still ate everything that was thrown my way, however.