Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sickness and Plumbing health

I've been in the doledrums, what with the rain and all. Course it all started a few weeks back. LJ and her whole family got sick with the stomach flu. Since yours truly looks after her tots, my whole family was sick in a long and horrible progression of spewing bodily fluids. Ick!

Moving on, then...

I recently tried my hand at some household plumbing. We were having some really irritating problems with noisy pipes. After a round of internet reading and diagnostic testing, I had a go at fixing it, completly without sucess. I tried something different and that worked, but in the process, I discovered a leaking shut off valve in my basement. Fresh from my triumph over the squeaky pipes, I decided that now that I have more hours at home, this plumbing stuff is exactly what I should be doing to help make ends meet!

I'm not a plumber. I feel, in general, that I am quite handy. I build a lot of things for the house and fix more than I can build. Me and pipes did not form a lasting friendship. The end of the story has a big puddle of water in my basement, a plumber coming over and charging me $140, and 5 or 6 hours of my life spent learning a lesson I already know: internet F.A.Q. s are no substitute for experience.